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Letter from Father Gary Michalik

To All Parishioners,

Each Spring the Archdiocese of Detroit sponsors the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA).  The money collected from the CSA supports the various Archdiocesan offices and ministries that assist people throughout the metropolitan Detroit area.  The annual CSA is vital for the daily operations of the Archdiocese just as our weekly contributions support the everyday operations of St. Colette Parish.

Every parish is given a CSA target goal by the Archdiocese.  This year our parish’s target is $183,311.  Please remember that if we do not raise the funds to meet our CSA target then the shortfall is taken directly out of the parish’s general operating budget.  However, after our target is met every dollar that surpasses the target remains here at the parish to be used at our discretion.  I am hopeful that with your contribution and God’s will, we may surpass our target this year and use the additional money to fund some much needed projects around the parish.

To surpass this year’s CSA target what is needed is for us to challenge ourselves to sacrifice a little more.  This can be accomplished by asking every parish household for a donation of $275.00.  Some may only give this amount and others will be able to give more while still others may only be able to afford less.  Please remember, what is being asked is not an equal gift but an equal sacrifice. This year I am offering $275.00 to the CSA.  This is in addition to what I contribute to the parish in my weekly contribution envelopes.  I invite you to join me and offer the gift that is right for you!

We have changed our system for CSA this year.  We have enclosed your CSA card this year.  Please fill it out and return the card with your donation in the enclosed envelope and place it in the Sunday collection or mail/hand deliver it to the parish office.  If you would like your CSA donation charged to a credit card or debit card or to donate online, please click this link.

If you are unable or not willing to participate in this year’s CSA, please indicate this on CSA Card and return it to the parish office.  Doing so will prevent you from receiving further mailings regarding this year’s CSA.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your participation in this year’s Catholic Services Appeal.  May God bless you for your continued support and generosity.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Gary Michalik