Councils and Commissions


The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory group of parishioners who meet on a regular basis to assist the pastor and pastoral staff  in creating pastoral priorities and future planning. Council meetings are held September – June. Membership is open to registered parishioners who serve a three year term and who are chosen by lottery in June. The Council consists of twelve adult members and one youth representative.


Back Row: Robert Walters, Lou Fiorentino, Deacon Gary Pardo (Staff), Matthew Wolocko(Vice-Chairperson), Michael Brown(Chairperson), Steve Jacek, Fr. Gary Michalik(Pastor)
Front Row: Joseph Korotko(Secretary), Karlene Steckowski, Judy Prodin, Barbara Ziemba
Not Pictured: Benjamin Sill, Bill Finn, Christopher Roosen, Carrie Nay


Since 2011, the Archdiocese of Detroit has mandated that every parish have a Finance Council that is distinct and separate from the Parish Pastoral Council and its Commissions. The Finance Council helps the pastor be a good administrator of the parish finances and properties and to accomplish parish goals. Council members are appointed by the pastor  and the Council meets a minimum of six times per year. The Finance Council reviews the annual parish budget and financial report submitted to the Archdiocese as well as regular reviews of spending, the approval of major expenditures, and the study of long range financial planning and development.


Back Row: Greg Boyer (Staff), Pat Healy, Mike Tokarsky
Front Row: Jim Aston, Fr. Gary Michalik(Pastor), Tom Belesky


The Christian Service Commission exists as a model and resource of Catholic Social Teaching to enable the entire parish community to put the social teaching of the Church into action.  The Commission evaluates, creates and promotes programs that strive to address human needs and achieve justice whether locally or in the broader communities of the Vicariate, region, Archdiocese, state, nation and world.  Membership includes respective staff members, representatives from the parish’s many Christian Service groups, and parishioners interested in promoting the Christian Service projects provided by the parish.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month from September – June.


Back Row: Norb Giczewski(Vice President), Judy Stewart, Nancy Ohman (Staff),Shawn Cornelissen (Secretary), Fr. Gary Michalik (Pastor)
Front Row: Rosa Compton, Cindy Harrison, Wendy Fiorentino, Judy Prodin (Chairperson)
Not Pictured: Dan Vecchioni(Vice President), Jan Dibasio, Dana Satraitis, Mary Stafford


The Worship Commission is responsible for guiding the continuing liturgical renewal of the parish. It serves the parish by providing opportunities for liturgical education and evaluating liturgical ministries and celebrations. The Commission participates in the call for evangelization by its witness of sharing Christ with other through liturgical worship. Membership includes respective pastoral staff members, representatives from the various liturgical ministries that serve the parish and parishioners who have an interest in the liturgy. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month for September – May.


Back Row: Al Carbone, Fr. Gary Michalik(Pastor), Rick Gignac,
Front Row: Chuck Pickett, Kathleen Sweder, Ed Lesnau
Not Pictured: Susan Garr (Staff), Pat Conn


The Christian Formation/Education Commission assists, promotes, and supports the parishoners in understanding that the entire parish community has responsibilitiy for participating in the evangelization and teaching mission of Jesus entrusted to the Church. The Commission’s responsibilities include developing, promoting and evaluating programs that address all aspects of formation/ education and evangelization, in cooperation with Archdicesan and parish staffs. Membership includes respective pastoral staff members and parishioners interested in promoting the educational opportunities provided by the parish. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month from September – June.

Members: John Glennon, Steve Cordon, Belinda Semak, Ellen Cashero, Nikki Walker, Don Anderson

Staff Members: Fr. Gary Michalik, Mary Jo Parnell, Theresa Lisiecki