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     The most important service offered by a Catholic parish is the opportunity for the faithful to participate at weekend Masses.  Every parish determines its own Mass schedule based on the size and needs of the community and the schedule naturally evolves over the years.  When St. Colette Parish was in its infancy in the early 1970’s only four weekend Masses were needed (one on Saturday and three on Sunday).  Due to the growing number of Catholics moving into the area, in 1986 a fourth Sunday Mass was added and, in 1998, a second Saturday evening Mass.  During the past 20 – 30 years the demographics of the area have changed and continue to change.  Families have fewer children which is evident in lower enrollment in public and Catholic schools and Religious Education programs.  Many Catholics no longer practice their faith on a regular basis and don’t always attend weekend Mass.  As the number of priests decreases Mass schedules need to be adapted.

     Since March of 2017 the parish’s Pastoral and Finance Councils, Worship Commission and Core Team of the Parish Staff have seriously discussed and studied the current demographic changes in our community and have decided it is time once again to adjust our weekend Mass schedule.  Considering we are one of the few parishes our size (about 1,800 households) that still has six weekend Masses it is time to lower the number of Masses to four per weekend.  For several years the parish has tried to recruit additional liturgical ministers (Minister of Holy Communion, ushers, altar servers) with little success.  We no longer have enough liturgical ministers to serve at six Masses per weekend.  Increasing the time between Sunday Masses (from 30 minutes to one hour) creates more time for preparation, socializing and  community building as well as additional time for a turnover in the parking lot between Masses, especially at Christmas and Easter.  Fewer Masses will offer a better utilization of our facilities and lower energy costs.  Finally, not having a 5:30 p.m. Mass will allow more time for Saturday evening weddings.

     Two possible Mass schedules for Saturdays and three possible Mass schedules for Sundays have been created.  Before a decision is made the parish is conducting a survey during November for the input from those who worship here on weekends.  Besides the information printed above, please read and study the accompanying data: Mass Attendance Counts and Mass Schedules of Neighboring parishes.  Look at the proposed schedules and think about the Mass times that will meet your own personal needs, the needs of our parishioners and those who do not belong to the parish but worship here on weekends.  In January a decision will be made regarding the new schedule that will take effect in late Spring or September of 2018.

 Your input is a very important part of the process so please participate by completing the survey.

Thank you and God bless,
Fr. Gary Michalik