Adult Education

St. Paul Street Evangelization Workshop:

In order to build a civilization of love, we must first create a culture of evangelization.

St. Paul Street Evangelization is a grassroots, non-profit Catholic evangelization organization dedicated to responding to the mandate of Jesus to preach the Gospel to all nations by taking our Catholic Faith to the streets. We do this in a non-confrontational way, allowing the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of those who witness our public Catholic presence. St. Paul Street Evangelization provides an avenue for you to share the Person of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith with a hungry culture.

St. Colette will be offering a 3 hour mini-workshop on April 8th, 8:30am to 11:30am in the Social Area of the Church.  Cost is $10 per person if you pre-register and $15 at the door.  ALL are welcome.  To register please click on the link below:

Our Workshop is now closed to registration.  We are at our capacity for participants.

Please go to the St. Paul Street Evangelization website at

At the bottom of their home page is a list of upcoming workshops


Lenten Adult Education Series
The Scriptural Basis for the Mass

It is said that the celebration of Mass is the “joining of heaven and earth” but if we do not understand what we are doing or why we are doing it the experience can become very empty and devoid of meaning for our lives.  Back by popular demand, this five week series originally offered the spring of 2014 will be available once again during the five Tuesday’s of Lent.   Theresa Lisiecki, our Director for Religious Education will each week explore the different elements of our weekend experience giving some historical context, the Scriptural basis as well as practical application and understanding.   We will meet:

  • 7pm-8:30pm
  • Library of the Parish Office Building

March 28th – Receiving Christ
The second major part of Mass is the Liturgy of the Eucharist during which through the prayers of the priest and the faithful the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.   Class this night will be to explore just what that means and where we find that in Scripture.
April 4th  – Sent to Love and Serve the Lord
Our final night together will be to finish up our conversation on the Liturgy of the Eucharist as well as to discuss the Closing Rites of the Church.

Come to one or come to all.  The Choice is yours.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to understand better an essential element of our faith.  If due to other commitments you are unable to attend, do not worry.  We will be videotaping each Tuesday night.  The presentations along with Theresa’s extensive notes will be posted later in the week on the parish website.

Alpha Courses:  What is Alpha?  Alpha is a program intended to bring people closer to God and faith.  If you are a cradle Catholic who is looking to further nurture your faith or someone who is just beginning to step closer to God in faith… or someone who just really doesn’t know what they believe — this program has something to offer you.  Over the course of ten weeks, through a good meal and a presentation and then discussion we will explore the basic components of Christian faith and belief.  This opportunity is completely FREE and only requires your commitment in time and attention. Whether we recognize it our not we all thirst for God in our lives.  God thirsts to have a relationship with us.  Make room in your life now for what could be a life changing experience.  Our next offering will be the Fall of 2017.  


Bible Study

Bible studySt. Colette has much to offer in this area. While all three studies have come to the end of their work for this year, each will get started once again in the fall. These bible studies, each run independent of the other, meet:

  • Tuesday, From 7:15-8:30pm in the Room C of the Activity Center.  This study is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and promises to be an exciting year of study as they look into those letters that St. Paul wrote while in captivity.  All are welcomed.
  • Wednesday, 10am-11:30am in the Library of the Activity Center.  This study will resume September 6th.  Our course of study for 2017-18 will be to explore themes of faith and how we are called to live it in this modern world by exploring some of the Letter’s St. Paul wrote will in prison..
  • Wednesday, 7-8:30pm in Room D of the Activity Center. This Bible study resume April 26th and will be taking on one of Bishop Barron’s video series:  “Catholicism:  The Pivotal Players.  This study will explore the teachings of major saints of both old and today.  The cost is $25 for the participant’s book and you must sign up and pay before April 12th.  Contact the Religious Education office at 734-464-4435 or

RCIA(RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
RCIA is a process for:

    • Adults who have never been baptized and wish to be.
    • Adults who have been baptized in another Christian denomination but wish to become Catholic.
    • Adults who have been baptized Catholic but never truly lived a life of faith or were confirmed.
    • Children over the age of 7 years who have never been baptized.

Most sessions will take place on Monday evenings in the Activities Center Library, although special arrangements can be made for special circumstances.  Please call the Religious Education Office at (734) 464-4435 for more information or to register.