Our next offering of the Alpha Course will be held the fall of 2018.  Please consider participating or encouraging family or friends to consider signing up.

ALPHA—What’s It All About?
Alpha logo-01 (1)Alpha is a ten week program that invites participants to encounter Jesus in a new and personal way. If you already have a deep relationship with Him than this is an opportunity for you to help others to come to faith by inviting someone you know who doesn’t know God or is far away from Christ and His Church. The format of Alpha is an open, non-judgmental discussion of key faith topics. Each session begins with a good FREE meal with relaxed conversation. From there the group views a video presentation followed by discussion. Volunteers will be at each table to make sure that everyone can express what is on their mind and everyone stays on topic. As we move into the 21st century, if the Catholic Church is to survive, we must find new and different ways to know and communicate our faith to the world. St. Augustine has said: “Our hearts are restless, O Lord, until they rest in you”. Come and rest in the Lord.


Who is Alpha For?
YOU! Alpha is for everyone and anyone. People who have attended Alpha courses at other parishes come from all different backgrounds, religions and life experiences. They all come to investigate life questions: the existence of God, the purpose of life, what happens after death, the teachings of Jesus and more. Some guests have never been to church before and others are lifelong Catholics. Everyone is welcome.

What is Alpha?
Alpha is an overture to the Christian heart, a place where individuals have an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and faith in the context of a relaxed, friendly setting. The course will meet once a week for ten weeks and includes the opportunity for a day long retreat experience. Each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning about the teachings of Jesus in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile. There is no charge to attend Alpha

When and Where is Alpha?
We will be offering the course Fall of 2016.

Alpha—What Do Catholic Leaders Say?
“…we need a new evangelization which, while being open to all the fullness of the truth and the Christian life, will yet be simple and basic. This quote is the reason why I look with interest and appreciation to the Alpha Course, it seems to me that it answers precisely this need of ours. The very name shows this. It is not called ‘Alpha and Omega course’ but simply ‘Alpha Course’ because it doesn’t claim to lead people from beginning to end in faith; only to help them get acquainted with it, to foster a personal encounter with Jesus, leaving it to other Church departments to develop the newly rekindled faith.” Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household.

“Many Catholics have been Catholic for all their life and have a relationship with Jesus but they are not really conscious of it and not intentional about it. Alpha really helps them discover the intense relationship Jesus wants to have with them.” Bishop Michael Brynes, Archdiocese of Detroit.

“When I think of the New Evangelization and when I think of Alpha, that’s what gets me excited because I feel like it is reaching out in the world and drawing (people) back to a place where they can rediscover who Jesus is and then begin to make a deeper commitment to step into full communion with the Catholic Church.” Matt Maher, musician