Children’s Faith Formation

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SCAP:  Summer Catechism Alternative Program

St. Colette has had a long history of offering a wonderful alternative to the academic program.  Each summer we offer two options that in the course of eight sessions students receive their catechism for the year plus much more.  Younger students will have the a Bible Story Time, Music and Craft.  Our Junior High Students also enjoy a session each day with the Bible as well as a Youth Group style experience that can be focused on fun or service or a variety of options.  Our next summer catechism will be offered PM SCAP:  June 18-28, 2018 from 5:30 to 9 pm; AM SCAP:  July 16-26, 2018 from 9am-12:30 pm.  Registration will be held, for those registered in the parish and volunteers the evening of May 8, 2018.  Out of Parish registration will open Monday, May 14th.

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Traditional Academic Year Program Began September 26th but we are still taking registrations.  Registration for our Traditional Year program is still available during Religious Education Office hours.  This program runs until February 13, 2018 . Classes are held on Tuesday nights from 5:45-7:45 PM. During these two hours, students will participate in two lessons, as well as enjoy, seasonal crafts, Bible stories or large group activities, depending on their age. This extremely dynamic program will support and nurture your child’s faith. Registration for our Traditional Academic Year program is still available.   Please download the forms below and bring them with you to the Religious Education office during office hours.  Religious Education Office Hours are Monday through Wednesday 9am to 5pm (Closed 12-1pm for lunch) OR by making an appointment for the evening or Thursday during the day. PLEASE NOTE:  Tuition and Fees are due at the time of registration.  For those families NOT REGISTERED at St. Colette there is a separate out of parish Tuition Fee in the place of parishioner weekly/monthly contributions.

Fees for Catechism :  The programming provided for our children is based on a strong religious curriculum and supported through the time, talent and financial commitment of our parishioners. Tuition and fees are required to supplement the financial investment of our generous parishioners. A new policy was recently developed through our parish Stewardship Commission in conversation with the Religious education staff.

  • “In Parish Tuition” is $100 per family, with additional fees for materials and sacraments depending on the program and the sacrament.  A family qualifies for “In Parish Tuition” by meeting 2 criteria – being a registered member of the parish for at least 30 days, and regular use of contribution envelopes. For further information or tuition assistance, please contact the Director of Religious Education at 734-464-4435 or

Please be aware NO CHILD IS DENIED Religious Formation simply because of finances.


SacramentalPreparationSacraments of First Communion & First Reconciliation
Because of our two different Catechism opportunities, Sacramental Preparation is done outside of the classroom during the academic year. If you have a child in the 2nd Grade (First Communion); 4th Grade (First Reconciliation/Penance) or 8th Grade (Confirmation) then you need to register them for their Sacramental Preparation. Even if you are registering for the Traditional Program you must also register them for their Sacramental Preparation.

For more information on Confirmation please refer to the Junior High Page by clicking here.

Sacrament of Baptism
Baptism is the sacrament that welcomes infants, children and adults into the life of the Church.
Infant Baptism
For those parents who are seeking baptism for their infants and toddlers we ask that you contact the Parish Offices to register your child. Please call 734-464-4433 during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). Please be aware if this is the first child being baptized a two hour class is required before the baptism can be scheduled. These classes are by appointment only. To schedule a class or for more information please contact Theresa Lisiecki at 734-464-4435 or by email at

Older Children Needing Baptism
For many reasons families find themselves reconnecting to the Catholic Church after their children are well into elementary school or even into high school.  If you have a child who is in first grade or older who has NOT been baptized we do provide programming so that your children can be prepared to “catch-up” on their sacraments.  Please contact Theresa Lisiecki in the Religious Education office to discuss possibilities or click here and scroll down to RCIA.