Individual Fundraising Accounts

Because we offer so many different events per year, we have set up individual fundraising accounts to help supplement some of the event costs.  We do a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to benefit St. Colette Youth Ministry as a whole, but individuals also have the chance at some of these fundraisers to earn money that goes directly into their individual account.  When announcing a fundraiser, we will give out information about when individuals can earn money for their accounts, and when the fundraiser will benefit St. Colette Youth Ministry as a whole.  The funds in individual accounts can be used to pay for any Youth Ministry event, excluding dances.  When a teen graduates, the funds in their account are put back into the general youth ministry account to benefit the whole group. If someone is planning on traveling with us to World Youth Day, we will keep their account open after they graduate so that they can continue to fundraise for this event.


Evergreen Sale

Our annual Evergreen sale runs from October to December every year.  Individuals have the chance to take orders for fresh evergreen wreaths, door swags, & roping.  We also take orders for evergreens from parishioners after all masses during two weekends in October, to benefit the Youth Ministry program as a whole.  Parishioners and the teen sellers are able to pick up their products on the Friday after Thanksgiving between 12 and 3pm in the church garage.  Parishioner orders must be pre-paid.

Thank you for a great 2018 sale! We will have info on next year’s sale available in early October 2019.


Golf Outing

As of 2017, we are no longer sponsoring the Golf Outing. Thank you so much to the many golfers and donors who have supported us over the years! We have appreciated your participation!

Charity Poker Nights

We currently participate in the Charity Poker Room at Doc’s Bar & Grill (in Livonia at 7 Mile between Newburgh & Haggerty) and at the Wintergarden Tavern at 7 Mile and Farmington.  These fundraisers will be benefiting specific events, such as World Youth Day and Appalachia.  Volunteers will have the chance to earn individual credit during these events, but all volunteers must be over 18, so we encourage parents to get involved to help their teen work towards different events. We have no more events scheduled for 2018.


Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser

Thank you to the parish for another successful Pizza Kit sale! We hope to repeat this sale in January 2020.